ears&eyes Records is an experiential music collective and independent record label that formed in 2006 in Chicago and releases modern, experimental, free, and chamber jazz, along with 21st Century Classical, indie rock, electronic, folk and noise, including current artists such as Paul Bedal, (James Davis') Beveled, Bill MacKay & Matt Lux, Caroline Davis Quartet, (Matthew Golombisky's) Cuentos, Juan Pastor Chinchano, Major Player, Merge Quintet, Pedway, Percival Roman, Quintopus, Charles Rumback & John Tate, Daniel Thatcher, (M.Golombisky's) Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Warm Blooded, Whirlpool (with Ron Miles), and past artists such as Algernon, Box 3, Golombisky-Kirchner Duo (GKduo), The Hall Monitors, James Davis Quintet, Jason Steele Ensemble, Maurice, The Other Planets, QMRplus, Silences Sumire, Touch., Video Gum Culture, Wosko/Faulds, and Zing!